Entomologist studies indicate that physiological characteristic of mosquito and other human troublesome insects are sensitive to certain lights and some lights remain unrecognizable, especially, the light spectrum between the 530-590nm wavelength. LeKise Insect Repellent LED bulb - BugLite is specially designed by identifying this wavelength and to protect against such human troublesome insects. LeKise LED BugLite has also been successfully tested among mosquitoes in the cattle farming industry and with certain human troublesome insects at outdoor camping sites and gardens. With LeKise LED Buglite, mosquitoes or insects will not intrude in those areas where you will install these lamps. LeKise LED BugLite can save tremendous amount of energy in comparison with the traditional ways of insect repelling ways like burning coils and mats which can be harmful on health conditions and needs to be replaced every next day. LeKise LED BugLite supports high burning hour of upto 25,000 hours.*


  • Built with high quality SMD 2835 LED chip
  • Hostile to mosquito and other human troublesome insects
  • Aesthetically designed incandescent shape LED glass bulb with 300° beam angle.
  • Long lifetime upto 25,000 hours*
  • Ideal replacement for other repellent like CFL’s and traditional incandescent lamps
  • Instant ON, also No UV and No IR radiations in the light beam
  • Non- dimmable



  • Outdoor camping location
  • Garden
  • Household with insect problem
  • School
  • Hospital


Product Code Product Description Nom. Watts Initial Lumen(lm) CRl (Ra) OCT (K) Base Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Rated Avg. Lefe(hrs). Qty /Ctn
LED Insect Repellent Bulb – BugLite
1030189 LED4/ A60BugLite/Y/E27/220-240V 4 350 300 YELLOW E27 60 110 25,000 50


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