Fluorescent Lamp - T8 Blacklight


LeKise T8 Blacklight lamp provide dark blue violet light, emitting long wave ultraviolet light, ideal for special effects and party lighting. They are suitable for using to a visually dramatic atmosphere in entertaining place such as bar and discotheques. They can also lure insect such that they are usually use in insect killer machine.


  • Creating low UV-A ray
  • Non-Hazardous to skin and eye
  • 25000K CCT
  • Retrofitable with existing G-13 base fitting
  • Compliance with IEC/EN 61195


  • Bars
  • Discotheques
  • Insects trap
  • Phosphor minerals detection
  • Bank notes and antiques authentication


Product Code Product Description Nom. Watts Initial Lumen(lm) CRl (Ra) OCT (K) Base Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Rated Avg. Lefe(hrs). Qty /Ctn
T8 Blacklight
1280345001 FL10T8/BL 330 26 10 1.5 25000   3,000 G13 25





1. Lamp emits UV radiation which may cause eye/skin irritation. (RG-1)
2. Turn power off and let lamp cool before removal to avoid potential burn and electrical shock hazard during lamp replacement.
3. Handle and install with care. Fluorescent tubes may shatter with considerable force if broken. Store in safe place away from children.
4. Do not use lamps in fixtures with worn sockets. Socket may not provide adequate support and lamp may fall.


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