Fluorescent Lamp - T8 SnowWhite


LeKise SnowWhite fluorescent lamps are low-pressure mercury discharge lamps available in 18W and 36 W for T8. This SnowWhite lamp creates a relaxing and comfortable cool ambience, especially in a very hot and dry climate condition. It also increases human well being and contribute very positive to the perceived atmosphere.


  • Offers a very high color temperature at 12000K
  • Special phosphor mix with advance water - powder
  • coating technology
  • Triple - coiled filament to ensure electron powder
  • and prolong service life
  • Offer good color rendering
  • Retrofitable with existing G13 base fitting
  • Long life span up to 22,000 hours
  • Compliance with IEC/EN 60081 and IEC/EN 61195


  • Office
  • Restaurant
  • Shops
  • Schools
  • Laboratories
  • Indoor Ski Center


Product Code Product Description Nom. Watts Initial Lumen(lm) CRl (Ra) OCT (K) Base Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Rated Avg. Lefe(hrs). Qty /Ctn
T8 SnowWhite
1280193003 FL18T8/SnowWhite/12000K 600 26 18 960 12000 77 22,000 G13 25
1280195003 FL36T8/SnowWhite/12000K 1200 26 36 2320 12000 77 22,000 G13 25










A   589.8   1199.4
B 594.5 596.9 1204.1 1206.5
C   604.0   1213.6
D   28.0   28.0




1. Turn power off and let lamp cool before removal to avoid potential burn and electrical shock hazard during lamp replacement.
2. Handle and install with care. Fluorescent tubes may shatter with considerable force if broken. Store in safe place away from children.
3. Do not use lamps in fixtures with worn sockets. Socket may not provide adequate support and lamp may fall.


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