Hurricane Series


Compact Fluorescent Lamp - Hurricane TM Series

LeKise Hurricane Compact Fluorescent is spiral shaped high performance energy-saving lamp enable to energy benefit by 70% less over conventional mercury blended light (ML) bulbs or high wattage incandescent bulbs. This CFL high wattage and high lumen output is strong solution for professional work spaces. Hurricane Compact Fluorescent offers an array of wattages for choice ranging from 28W up to 85W.



  • Self-ballasted compact fluorescent lamp.
  • Tri-phosphor coated rendering natural color and brightness.
  • Excellent color rendering, CRI >80.
  • Energy saving upto 80% and long life.
  • Plastic shell made from flame-retardant PBT grade.
  • Quick start technology, 60% light output in less than 15 seconds.
  • Environmentally conscious, use solid mercury <2mg.
  • Compliance with IEC standards, CE and RoHS.




  • High and low bay
  • Warehouse
  • Gymnasium
  • Church


Product Code Product Description Nom. Watts Initial Lumen(lm) CRl (Ra) OCT (K) Base Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Rated Avg. Lefe(hrs). Qty /Ctn
T4 Hurricane                    
1020052 CFL28W/HSP/T4/827/E27 220-240V 28 1900 80 2700 E27 64 165 8,000 10


Additional Information
1) Approximate initial lumens, the lamp lumen output is based upon lamp performance after 100 hours of
   operating life under standard laboratory conditions.
2) Rated average life is the life under specified test conditions with lamps turned off and restarted no
   more frequently than once every 3 operating hours.
3) Use in recessed cans or enclosed indoor fixtures could result in reduced lamp life.
4) Do not use with dimmers except where indicated. Some electronic timer and photo sensor switches
   contain dimming circuitry, so before using such
a switch,check with its manufacturer to ensure compatibility with self-ballasted CFL bulbs.
5) Do not use with emergency exit fixtures or lights.
6) Outdoor use requires a weather-protected fixture and ventilated luminaires only.
7) Turn off power before changing bulb.


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