Hurricane Tough Series


Compact Fluorescent Lamp – HURRICANE TOUGH Series

LeKise HURRICANE TOUGH series compact fluorescent lamps comes with super bright technology which makes them brighter than normal CFL’s in the market. Compared with traditional CFL’s, LeKise HURRICANE TOUGH series has much brighter lumen output at full power and can meet European energy class A standards. Since, HURRICANE TOUGH series is designed under LeKise brand; it offers unique appearance and competitive advantage which highlights distinct values towards the consumers. HURRICANE TOUGH series has super large heat emission holes on cathode tube and its ballast greatly reduces the temperature of the core parts which ideally improves the product life. HURRICANE TOUGH series compact fluorescent lamps offers array of wattages for choice ranging from 30W upto 105W.


  • Offers super brighter technology reaching 100%lumen within few minutes
  • Rolling problem elimination technology throughoscillating circuit electron
  • Instant Hi-voltage surge resistance technology which can be reliable and
    endurable under the working 
    environment of unstable voltage or generator power supply
  • 3 - Channel unique cooling technology with multilayer
    hole keeping the internal temperature lower than others by 4-6°C
  • Energy savings upto 80% and long life upto 10,000 hours
  • Quick start technology with 60% light output within less than 15 seconds
  • Tri-phosphor coated rendering natural color and brightness
  • Compliance with IEC standards, CE and RoHS



  • High and low bay
  • Warehouse
  • Gymnasium
  • Church




Product Code Product Description Nom. Watts Initial Lumen(lm) CRI
OCT (K) Base Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Rated Avg. Lefe(hrs). Qty /Ctn
1020100 CFL30W/FSP/T3/827/E27 180-240V 30 1850 >80 2700 E27 52 140 10,000 40


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