LED 4-Step Dimmable Bulb – MAGIC The ability to dim household lighting is always a desirable feature that has been common in residential lighting. LeKise LED bulb - MAGIC incorporates a 4-step dimming feature that changes the bulb output whenever the AC is interrupted briefly using an existing wall switch. Toggling the wall switch 1-4 times steps down the bulb output in 4 discrete steps. After last step, the bulb goes back to 100% brightness. LeKise LED bulb - MAGIC allows the consumer to add dimming capability to a fixture without the need to make changes to the electrical wiring. LeKise LED bulb - MAGIC offers 10% - 100% dimming range with lumen output more than 100lm/W. LeKise LED bulb - MAGIC supports burning hours upto 30,000 hours*, Consumer friendly and hassle free installations which do not require a qualified technician.