About LeKise Lighting

LeKise Lighting Co., Ltd. is a Thai market-leading provider of energy saving solutions in the field of Fluorescent, LED and Solar lighting products. The company was inaugurated in 2007, under the name of LKS Electrical Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and in 2010 renamed as LeKise Lighting Co., Ltd. LeKise Lighting Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of LeKise Group which has been in lighting industry for more than 46 years (since 1968).

LeKise Lighting has been presented with manufacturing of Compact Fluorescent Lamps under energy label no. 5 campaign initiated by Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). A year later, the company launched T5 fluorescent lamps with energy label no. 5 certified in collaboration with EGAT to replace T8 fluorescent lamps in nationwide, which made LeKise Lighting the biggest T5 lamps manufacturer in Thailand.

Continuing to grow the business, LeKise Lighting has established the project sales teams and sales branches with highly experienced staff in all regions of Thailand that helped the company to offer energy-saving lighting solutions to projects market in 2009 and accredited as an Energy Service Company (ESCO).

In 2010, LeKise Lighting had determinate its business model to the concept of One Stop Lighting Solution consisting 4 key success factors:

• Products. Wide range of energy-saving lighting products.

• Lighting Solutions. Offer the lighting simulation service and technical advices to suit the application and budget.

• PowerServe Team. Dedicated teams to provide the pre-test and after-sales service to verify the saving before purchase.

• CSR & CRM. Provide knowledge regarding the energy saving and co-activity of corporate social responsibility with clients.

In 2011, LeKise Lighting had invested in LED manufacturing with state-of-the art machines and developing various types of quality LED Lighting products to fulfill the needs of energy saving and cost-effectiveness. Under aforementioned business model together with manufacturing of high quality products by experienced employees has helped the company to won more than 3,000 projects in 5 years.

In 2012, LeKise Lighting expanded manufacturing with the fluorescent lighting fixtures that enables to cover more markets.

LeKise International markets expansion started in 2013 by establishing the overseas sales offices in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos to provide all necessary support to the local business partners and cover nearby countries potentials.

LeKise Lighting has been certified to ISO9001 in 2010 and ISO14001 in 2013. Nowadays the company’s productivity reached to 2 million units a year to serve both domestic and international markets and the number of factory’s employees is about 200 people.

Vision Mission & Values

Leader in Lighting, complete range of products, sincere service, customer relations and after sales service for customer to thrust that LeKise is your best friend, giving the best to the society for sustainable energy.


We are leader in innovative to energy saving

  1. LeKise will be leader in replacement lighting products aiming for energy saving
  2. LeKise will expand project business with competitive advantages over competitors on services
  3. LeKise will be branding internationally and globally
  4. LeKise will improve on capability to build thrust for stake holder


Our Management

Mr. Somnuk Ovuthitham

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Ratvilai Rangsisingpipat

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Damronsak Chungyang

Business Development Director

Mr. Pongpavan Teruya

Sales & Marketing Director

Ms. Arunee Suwapit

R&D/Quality Assurance Director

Mr. Apichart Saduagdee

Information Technology Director

Ms. Patrada Hemthanon

Human Resource Director