Software. DIALux.
By planners for planners.

          DIALux. The free and complete software developed by us for professional light planning is open to luminaires of all manufacturers. A software by planners for planners. Used by many hundred thousands of light planners and designers worldwide. And their number is growing from day to day.

With LIGMAN PlugIn product database you can create your virtual worlds simply and intuitively with DIALux. Document your results in breath-taking, photorealistic visualizations. Delight your customers with artificial light scenarios through which they can glide with wild camera runs. Rely on the CAD data of other architecture programmes and re-export your files easily. Or use any 3D models from the Internet – it's child's play.

Users can determine the energy your light solution requires and supports you in complying with the respective national and international regulations.

*DIALux evo