W H A T   D O   W E   C R E A T E
Highest quality Lighting, Develop wide-range of Innovative
Energy-Saving products to compete with conventional Challenges for you industry
Find the newst products and announcements from LeKise Lighting. Look here for the stories of products

We serve the good quality lighting products with the reasonable price to customers’ satisfaction.
The products have certified by international standard with the products-completed range serving in any industry.
Find the newest products and announcements from LeKise Lighting Look here for the storie of product
LeKise is the leader in lighting completed solution in saving energy and innovative products.
We have the lighting factory under ISO 9001 including the research and development team.
All products certified by international and Thai Industrial Standard (TIS).
We have owned the lighting laboratory compliance ISO17025. Moreover, we have the certificated ISO 14001 for environmental management.
Energy Saving
Social Responsibility
Trust Respect
Wide range Desing
East Installation
LeKise Lighting has been certified to ISO9001 in 2010 and ISO14001 in 2013
Nowadays the company’s productivity reached to 2 million units a year
to serve both domestic and international markets