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Privacy Policy

          As LeKise Lighting Company Limited realizes the importance of personal data protection. Therefore, a Personal Data Protection Policy has been established. This policy describes how the Company treats the personal data such as collecting, using or disclosing personal data, including rights of the personal data subject, etc., so that the data subject acknowledges the Company's personal data protection policy. Thus, this announcement will inform you of the important information as follows:

1.  Collection of personal data
1.1.  The Company will collect personal data with objectives, scope and by means which are lawful and fair. The collection will be done only to the extent necessary for operation under the objectives of the Company.
1.2.  The Company will carry out for the data subject to give a consent in electronic form or according to the Company's method.
1.3.  In the case of collecting sensitive personal data such as ethnic information, political opinion, religious beliefs, health information, criminal records, disabilities, etc., if it is necessary to keep, use or disclose, the Company will seek the consent of the data subject and use it carefully as the Company's confidential information unless the collection of personal data and sensitive personal data is subject to exceptions as specified by the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 or other laws.
1.4    The Company appoints a controller and processor to ensure that personal data is used in accordance with the objective, not used beyond the consent or not causing any damage to the data subject.
2. Purpose of collecting personal data
          The Company will collect or use the personal data of the data subject for the benefit of Company's operations and for any other purpose that is not prohibited by law and/or to comply with laws or regulations related to the Company's operations. The Company will only store and use such data for a period of time as necessary for the purposes for which the data subject has been notified or as required by law. The Company will not do anything different from those stated in the purpose of collecting the data unless:
(1)   The new purpose has been notified to the data subject and the consent of the data subject has been given.
(2)   It is in compliance with the Personal Data Act or other relevant laws.
3. Disclosure of personal data
          The Company will not disclose the personal data of the data subject to any person without consen.t However, for the benefit of the Company's operations and the data subject, it may be necessary to disclose personal data of the data subject to the Company's affiliates or other related parties both domestically and internationally to perform tasks related to the personal data. In disclosing personal data to such persons, the Company will proceed for those persons to keep the personal data confidential and not to use it for purposes other than the scope specified by the Company.
In addition, the Company may disclose personal data of the data subject under the rules prescribed by law, such as disclosing information to government agencies, state agencies or regulators. This includes in the event of a request to disclose information by virtue of law, such as a request for information for litigation or legal action or request from a private agency or other third parties involved in legal proceedings.
The Company may need to disclose, transmit or transfer your personal data to affiliated companies or third parties both in Thailand and abroad who have appropriate standards for personal data protection, whereby the Company will prepare a standard contract to protect your personal data.
The types of third parties, to whom your personal data may disclose include: 

  • Contract parties who provide services in various fields such as

    • Service providers on management or data analysis;

    • Marketing Agencyies;

    • Agencies that operate business or have an agreement with the Company

  • Partners

  • Auditing agencies certifying various standards, whom the Company requests for certification for the benefit of doing business, including other auditing agencies

  • Any other third parties who have the right to access your information under the framework prescribed by law.

4. Rights of data subjects

  • Request to withdraw any consent relating to collection, use or disclosure of personal data

  • Request to access, obtain a copy of personal data or request to disclose the acquisition of personal data

  • Request to obtain personal data, including requesting to transfer your personal data to another personal data processor in the event that the data is stored electronically.

  • Object to the collection, use or disclosure of personal data.

  • Request for deletion or destruction of or making the information non-personally identifiable.

  • Request to suspend the use of personal data.

Request to amend and update the information to be updated, complete and not to cause misunderstanding.

          You can exercise those rights by sending an email or writing a letter to the LeKise Lighting Company Limited with a copy of ID card attached or other personally identifiable information as requested by the Company. Any information that is given to us will be processed only to the extent permitted by applicable law.

          In addition, LeKise Lighting Company Limited would like to inform you that the Company retains the legal right to refuse your request if there is a reasonable cause, which the Company will inform you of the refusal and the reason for refusing the request on a case-by-case basis. The Company will use its best efforts in accordance with existing technical standards for handling of your personal data. In the event that you are dissatisfied with the Company's handling of personal data, you may file a complaint or take action to the Company's Personal Data Protection Working Group.

5. Protection of unauthorized access to your personal data
          LeKise Lighting Company Limited will protect your privacy and take appropriate safeguards for personal data according to the data security management standards to ensure that all personal data is collected, used or disclosed in a lawful and appropriate manner for the purposes for which it was collected, used or disclosed.
6. Changes in details on collection, use or disclosure of your personal data
          LeKise Lighting Co., Ltd. reserves the right to change this announcement to make it appropriate and in accordance with the law. Please check regularly for the latest changes and information related to the Company's personal data notices.

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