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A Leader in lighting, the complete range of products,sincere services, customer relations and after-sales service for the customer to trust that LeKise is your best friend, giving the best to the society for sustainable energy.
We focus on service and commercialization of the lighting and energy-saving solutions for domestic and international markets.
will be the leader in replacement of the lighting products to enhance for more energy-saving.
will expand project business with competitive advantages over competitors in terms of services.
LeKise is launching and expanding globally brand positioning.
LeKise always does the capacity continuous improvement for getting the trust to stakeholders.

Quality, Environment, Safety & Energy Conservation Policy

​“LeKise Group” Leader in Lighting Industry and Innovative Energy Solution. We focus on the importance of the quality assurance and customer services as well as create awareness for Energy and Environment Conservations. We conduct the business with international standard to continue developing organization.



LeKise has entire products range in T5 as well as (General) lamps include with high efficiency and quality equipment with good selection of material and lighting solution software that can improve the efficiency of LeKise lamps. LeKise has been developing lighting Products in LED field since 2012 such as LED indoor,outdoor and decorative Lamps that can used instead of the Halogen lamp to save more energy consumption by smooth replacement.

We are the number one in light system to design and simulate complete solution for our valued client by using international Quality standard software that can generate accurate data for further to Value customer review. We also have ISO Certified Lighting Laboratory for experiment and testing optical value of all products for measure the efficiency of the products that respond the accurate lighting design. Furthermore,LeKise lighting solution team are expert to provide complete safety & sensitive lighting solution to hospitality industry as well as medical institutions such as hospitals and hotels.

In addition to provide full range of lighting solutions LeKise is also collaborate with different customer activities such as
1. Educating energy saving strategies to all valued client.
2. Enhance more awareness among people through social media.
3. Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) also vital part of LeKise organizations to make close relation with society.

We are the number one in lighting business with additional solution of lighting equipment and lamps installations as well as after sale services. After set appointment with client our power serve team visit customer place to make sure all lighting equipment working smoothly, In case of project they collect data from site to carry back in LeKise to simulate all data in system to provide best suitable solution to clients. LeKise team consist of high professional experts to provide complete solution from beginning to till final installations.
Year 2019
LeKise Group focus on corporate culture development and continuous improvement in all aspects laying out a stable and sustainable platform for the prosperity future.
Year 2018
LeKise celebrated 50th year anniversary by successfully integrated 3 core businesses; Lighting, Paper and Green Energy to become LeKise Group.
Year 2016
The company expand to switch and socket business. We produce switch series E1 gang 1 way, series E1 gang 2 way, series E2 gang 1 way and universal socket with USB under the highest standard of government policy.
Year 2015
LeKise Lighting develop the business to cover completely by setting up factory for produce Hot-Dipped Galvanized steel pole for electricity lighting with a height of 4.0 meter to 14.0m manufactory and certify with highest standard of government policy(TIS.2316-2549). Our products are used across all regions such as main road, crossroads, national stadium, parking and factories, etc.
Year 2014
LeKise Lighting expand the business to support energy saving projects including solar power factory and roof top solar cell under by the irradiance Solar Co., Ltd. With professional team to serve the customers group in resident, office building, factory and power industry operator.
Year 2012
The company develop products of solar cell street lamp that include installation design to center energy-saving to our customers group.
Year 2011
LeKise Lighting had invested in LED manufacturing with state-of-the art machines and developing various types of quality LED Lighting products. We also expand service center under concept ONE STOP LIGHTING SERVICE. With our commitment on the great service, we get trust and confidence to our customers which we get over 2,000 projects within 2 years included hospital, hotels, office building, education, factory department store etc.
Year 2010
LeKise Lighting had built its business model to the concept of One Stop Light Solution, consisting 4 key success factors:

1. products managed by Research and Development team to get quality and efficient products.
2. lighting Solutions Officer made simulation service and technical advices to suit the application and budget.
3. PowerServe Team. Dedicated teams to provide the pre-test and after-sales service.
4. CSR&CRM;. Provide knowledge regarding the energy saving and co-activity of corporate social responsibility with clients.
Year 2009
Continue growing the business, LeKise Lighting has established the project sales team’s staff and sales branches office with highly experienced to support the demand of local market of Thailand promoting the energy-saving lighting solutions for domestic projects market such as T5 lamps, LED lamps, emergency lamps and etc.
Year 2007-2008
LeKise Lighting Co., Ltd., former name LKS Electrical Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established since year 2007. LeKise Lighting expanded of manufacturing of Compact Fluorescent Lamps under energy label no.5 campaign initiated by Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). In 2008, the company launched T5 fluorescent lamps with energy label no.5 certified in collaboration with EGAT to replace T8 fluorescent lamps across the country which made LeKise Lighting the biggest T5 lamps manufacturer in Thailand.

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