due to measures of Samut Sakhon Province that has announced to all factories with 50 employees or more

or having a machine of 50 horsepower or more, must establish a field hospital for the isolation of those infected with COVID-19

Also known as FAI (Factory Accommodation Isolation) for supporting infected people in the factory area.


LeKise Group has therefore cooperated with the measures of the provinces announced above.

Establish a "Ready to Care Center, Lekise", close the building, set up a separate zone from the office and production line.

To take care of employees who have found COVID-19 in the (green group) completed on Friday, July 30, 2021.

which can supervise and accommodate employees of the company and its affiliates in all 110 beds

proportional to 10% of the number of employees specified by the state


The LeKise Group has issued the highest regulations and preventive measures. To enhance confidence for all customers and employees

  •  Daily disinfectant is sprayed every day. both the office area production area warehouse area Delivery area and all delivery vehicles

  •  Proactive screening to employees in the company 100%

  •  There is a temperature screening point before entering the place.

  •  Employees are wearing masks at all times.

  •  Reduce congestion in the work area by allocating employees to WFH (work from home)

  •  Install a partition between the dining table

with the cooperation of all employees Strictly comply with such preventive measures. Enables LeKise Group to run its business efficiently. to this day


LeKise Group cares about you. We will get through this crisis together.

Additional references: Samut Sakhon Provincial Order No. 2013/2564 dated July 23, 2021.