LeKise Group “3rd Traditional Sports Blue-White”

On January 12, 2024 by Mr. Somnuek Owutitham, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Dr. Ratthawilai Rangsi Singhpipat. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) was honored to preside over the ceremony. along with the Managing Director and more than 600 executives and employees of the subsidiaries attended this event. In which there were activities
  • Mini Marathon
  • sports competition
  • Line dancing contest
We are an organization that gives importance to development in every aspect, including work efficiency. Employee abilities This LeKise Group traditional sport is another activity that will help develop the potential of employees in the physical and mental aspects and create love. unity in the organization Under 3 working principles:
  • Teamwork
  • Service Mind
  • Positive Thinking
LeKise - We can, We fight, We go together.
Lekise light bulb factory Living together with Thai people for more than 55 years

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